ARAG, seguro de defensa jurídica y reclamación en España. Agencia TVT Seguros,agene de ARAG enCanaris, oficinas e Tenerife, La Palma y representantes en Gran Canaria, Fuereventura, El Hierro y La Gomera.
ARAG - Compañía de defensa jurídica y reclamación en España. Agencia TVT Seguros, agente de ARAG en Canarias, oficinas en Tenerife, La Palma y representantes en Gran Canaria, Fuereventura, El Hierro y La Gomera.

ARAG - Legal Protection Insurance in Spain for you and your family

With ARAG legal protection insurance (LPI) you can enjoy your life in Spain without legal worries. This is an insurance that offers you legal advice and many benefits that protect you and your family from many legal problems in daily life and work.


Do you really need a legal protection insurance?

Every day legal doubts may arise related to your employment contract, some purchases you have made online , your rights as a property owner , as a tenant of a home , etc. With a legal advice insurance you have at your disposal a team of expert lawyers a distance from a call or an email.


There are several types of legal defense insurance, individual ones ( personal legal defense ), but also family products that protect not only you, but any member of your family: adults and minors.



TVT Seguros recommends the services of ARAG , one of the leading companies in legal protection insurance in Spain .



Why choose ARAG Legal Protection Insurance?

- More than 75 years of experience.
- The best offer in insurance and legal services.
- More than 17 million customers.
- 89% of the cases have been concluded successfully.

In what situations can I use a legal protection insurance?

Here are clear examples of situations where you can use your legal defense insurance:


Legal advice by phone


  • Can your landlord raise your rent?

  • Have you had an accident and don't know what to do?

  • Do you think you can be fired and you want to know what settlement and compensation amount you are entitled to?


A lawyer will advise you and clarify all your doubts by phone, when and as many times as you want.



Legal protection of your rights as a consumer


  • What do you do if you buy a phone that fails after two days and the store refuses to repair the damage?

  • What if you buy something online and you never receive what you ordered?


No more complaint sheets, letters, and endless discussions with customer services. Now you can buy with peace of mind and be sure that your rights as a consumer will be duly respected.



Complementary legal protection in civil and criminal matters


  • Do you need a lawyer if your neighbor's children are injured on your property and they sue you?

  • What can you do if you are sued because your dog bit someone?

  • What do you do if you run over a child who was playing carelessly in the street?


If the home or car insurance company does not act, your legal protection insurance will help you find the best solution and will represent you in court. If you are sued because you have harmed someone , ARAG lawyers will represent you at no additional cost.



Non-contractual claim for damages


What should you do if you are hit by a car in the crosswalk?
Who claims on your behalf if you have fallen in the subway station due to bad signage?
Who pays for cleaning if you park near a construction site and your car gets ink and cement stains?


If someone damages or destroys your property, your legal advice insurance attorneys will claim damages on your behalf.



Analysis and drafting of contracts


  • Do you want to rent your apartment and you don't know how to write the contract?

  • Do you want someone to review the meeting minutes of your condo?

Very easy. With these doubts, you just have to call the online advice of your legal insurance and a lawyer will check that everything is in order or make the necessary corrections. If necessary, he will also draft the contracts for you.


Labor law

  • If you are fired, who checks if your settlement is correct or can you reach a more favorable agreement?

  • Do you know who can defend you if your company wants to cut your salary?

  • Who can tell you if you are entitled to unemployment if you are self-employed and work for a single company (self-employed dependent)?

Your legal advice insurance is there to inform you of your rights, negotiate with your company and represent you in court if the negotiations are not concluded satisfactorily.


Legal protection at home


  • What can you do if you have water stains on your ceiling from your upstairs neighbor?

  • What can you do if your Community approves a spill with which you do not agree?

Your legal advice insurance will be in charge of advising you and claiming the neighbors, the president of the community or any other person who may cause you legal problems in your home. If the case has to go to trial, you will be represented at no additional cost.



Legal protection before the Public Administration and Finance


  • Can you get a fine for installing the air conditioning on the facade of your building?

  • What can you do if the Treasury informs you that three years ago the tax return was incorrect and now you have to pay 3,500 euros plus interest?

  • Have you received a traffic fine and you don't know how to solve it?

It is in such situations that one gives value to being well advised. You contact the lawyers of your legal insurance and as they have specialists with many years of experience, they can represent your rights before the Public Administration and the Treasury.


Online Legal Services

  • Do you have to make a contract and you don't know how?

Don't worry, with the online legal service, you can draft dozens of contracts with a simple click.

You will have a repository of legal documentation at your disposal.

Ask us now for a quote for your ARAG legal protection insurance and start living without worries...

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