Claim Management - Open a Car Claim

When a client has a claim this is the moment to demonstrate that we are here to help you. In your TVT Insurance agency we have a claims department that will help to process your claim and defend your interests.

  • To declare a new claim, please fill out the following form providing as much information as possible.

  • You can also send us by email relevant photos, police statements, estimates, invoices or any paper work which will help to document the claim or pre existing content or building damage.

  • Our Claims department will start to work on your claim immediately and will contact you with the claim number and send when necessary, an assistance company or Adjuster.

Car Claim - Road Accident - Declaration Form

1 - Personal Information - Policy Holder
2 - Information about the Accident
3 - Name & Surname of the Driver (if it's different from the Policy Holder)
4 - Information about the Other Driver / Car
Injured People?*
Did the driver consumed alcohol?*
Did the Police made a Alcohol test?
Did the Police made a report?

Here you can send us photos, reports, budgets, invoices, etc...  (JPEG) máx 15MB.: