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Your savings is in good hand with Zurich Pension Plans

Whether you plan to retire early or work right through: with careful planning, you can make the right choices that will enable you to enjoy your retirement years comfortably and independently. Ask our experts for advice.

Become financially independent and enjoy your retirement years. We would be glad to advise you.

Did you know your state pension might be reduced by up to 40%?

(The current financial crisis and the fact that the state pension system will probably not be viable in the future mean it is advisable to have a retirement plan now. Put your savings in the hands of Zurich, the company that’s no. 1 for solvency in Spain according to official rating agency Moody’s.

Did you know that the sooner you start, the lower the contribution you have to male will be?

Handy deductions of up to 45%(1) in personal income tax

You can deduct your contributions to a Zurich Pension Plan or Assured Pension Plan (APP) to reduce how much you pay in income tax (IRPF).

If you start saving when you’re young, with just a little effort you can build up a tidy sum for your retirement.

For example, if when you’re 25 you save €89 per month you will have €120,000 for your retirement. However, if you start when you are 40 you will have to contribute €205 each month to get the same amount

You have good reasons for choosing Zurich

  • Financial strength and stability: Zurich is the no.1 company for solvency.(2)

  • Trust: The Zurich Group’s headquarters in Switzerland is key to our customers’ peace of mind.

  • Expert personalised advice: Zurich Seguros provides personalised advice through its Zurich Agents and Insurance Brokers who examine the particular personal situation of each customer (future retirement pension, savings capacity and risk profile) to offer you the product that best suits your needs.

  • Tax advantages: You can deduct up to 45%(1) of your contributions to Zurich plans from personal income tax.

  • Availability: In addition to when you retire, you can also get your savings back after 10 years in the case of contributions to social insurance systems made on or after 01/01 2015 and also if you are long-term unemployed or have a serious illness.

At Zurich we have a plan tailored to each investment profile. With the confidence of being with the nº1 company in solvency! 

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