Zurich Flexible Home Foreigner


Modular insurance which adapts to the protection needs of your foreign customers' property, whether it is their main home or a property to let. Included Liability if you rent your house as a vacation home!


 What’s new in it?

• Specific covers for main homes (second homes are treated like main homes) and properties to let.

• Range of purchase options: Standard and Total.

• Access to additional services courtesy of Zurich: Home Handyman Service, IT Support Service, Pest Control Service.

• Extended sums insured and cover limits, such as in the Electrical damage, Water damage, Total destruction and All-risk accident covers.

• Very high sums insured to cover the outside of the property: damage to gardens and furniture on terraces and in gardens.

• Discounts for customers with more than one product and more than one policy: if the customer has already taken out home or car insurance with us, they also get a discount.

• Insurance for properties to let in their various forms: traditional letting or via online platforms (touristic); seasonal or long term.

• We’re there 24/7: you can call 24-hour helplines for support in case of unforeseen events.


 The extension of covers makes this into a high performance insurance product which delivers solutions in extremely critical situations for the customer.

Extension of covers

- Temporary loss of use

- Emergency locksmith

- Emergency repairs (electricity)

- Property on trips and short stays

- Travel assistance: finding and sending baggage


With the Extension of covers, Zurich gives them these free additional services:*

• Home Handyman Service

• IT Support Service

• Pest Control Service

Here are some reasons why we recommend this insurance for you:


Zurich Foreign Resident exclusive clauses:

• Inclusion of general excess in the insurance

• Liability for tenants

• Clause for properties let furnished

• Extension of the reconstruction of garden cover

• Extension of the terrace and garden furniture cover

• Extension of the insured limit for cosmetic damage

• Extension of the maximum limit for burglary from storage rooms and attached structures

• Extension of the electrical damage cover


Check the covers and services that every home should have and which you can add to so they meet your real needs. That way whatever happens your home is protected against possible damage.


Essential Covers


If you lose the rent on your property due to an incident, we cover up to 15% of the sum insured for buildings for at most 6 months for the rent you lose during this time.



If one of your windows breaks or you have a water leak, our 24-hour service will deal with the problem.



If a radiator leaks and damages the floor, we pay for damage to the property you have insured.



If an electrical appliance is damaged by a power surge, we cover electrical damage up to the sum insured.



If your kitchen countertop breaks, we cover the cost of a new one plus transport and installation.



If you drop your hairdryer and crack the washbasin, we cover the cost of a new one plus transport and installation.



If a water leak damages your bathroom tiles, we replace them. And if we can’t find the same ones, we get ones that are as similar as possible.



If there is a fire or explosion in your home, we pay for 100% of the damage.



If a power cut ruins the food in your refrigerator, we pay the sum insured for the ruined food.



If your home becomes uninhabitable, we cover the cost of renting another one similar to yours while it is being repaired.



If you have a break-in, we pay up 100% of whatever you have insured.

If burglars steal money from your safe or jewellery, we pay the amount you have insured.



If you accidentally injure someone else, we cover any payments, bonds or lawyer fees you have to pay.



If you are involved in a court case (in Spain), we cover the cost of the proceedings and your lawyer up to the sum you have taken out.




If you have a problem with your computer, we’ll help you solve it online or send an engineer to your home.



If you need to assemble some furniture or replace a tap, a professional will come to your home and do it for you.

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On line Customer Service Center 

In the permanent search for excellence, we now have an online Insurance advisory service.
We answer all your questions and offer you a personalised service.

- Confortable 

- 100% free

- 100% without obligation

- 100% personal

In our Online Customer Service Center you can process all your needs & documents, 24h / 7, without waiting or traveling ... all at the distance of a click. You can process:


- International Green Card

- No Claim Bonus Certificate

- Request a quotation,

- Pay a Receipt,

- Request a copy of your contract

- Request changes to your contracts

- and much more...

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