ARAG Travel Insurance

Heading to Morroco, Rio, Dubai… or just a weekend trip to the Egypt? We all want our

holidays and journeys to be safe and have peace of mind. Therefore, ARAG Travel 

provides support in all kinds of situations when it comes to travel, all around the world.

Advantages of Hiring ARAG TRAVEL International Medical Insurance

  • Medical assistance cover: ARAG will provide you with all appropriate medical services to assist you wherever you are.

  • Baggage Cover: In the event that your luggage is lost or suffers any damage, this insurance has the most complete coverage to recover it and compensate for any possible loss. 

  • Accident Cover: In the event of a serious accident or kidnap, Arag will go to all means to protect you in these circumstances.

  • Repatriation Cover: In case of death or hospitalization that requires your transfer to Spain, this cover guarantees repatriation and the costs involved.

  • Delay cover: If during your trip you suffer any delay or change of reservation, this cover guarantees financial compensation for any loss caused.

  • Legal Cover: Being legally protected during a trip is very important. With this cover your rights as a traveler and consumer are guaranteed.

Limits of Arag Travel Insurance:

Medical and sanitary assitance                            150.000/250.000€

Dental expenses max.                                           250€

Travel expenses (Companion)                              max. 1.200€ (120€ x 10 days).       

Hospitalisation of insured abroad  

Convalescence of insured in hotel                       max. 1.200€ (120€ x 10 days).

Assistance in the family residence                       up to 120€

Shipment of forgotten or stolen ítems                up to 120€

Delayed delivery of checked in baggage           up to 120€

Theft or material damage to baggage               700/900€

Loss of keys                                                            up to 120€

Legal defense Cover                                             3.000€

Travel delay in transport departure                     up to 200€ (50€ for every 6 hours)

Personal accidents due to death or disability    25.000€ to 60.000€

Civil Liability                                                          50.000€ to 60.000€


The total cost is guaranteed  for:

Repatriation or transport of injured, sick and deceased

Repatriation  or transport of a companion

Early return  for death or hospitalization of a family member or  for serious accidents at home




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