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Zurich Collaborating Garages

What are the advantages in choosing a collaborating garage?


Taking your car or van to our approved repair garages has its advantages. And free services!

One of the many advantages of choosing a collaborating garage is that you can have a replacement vehicle for the hours/days when your damaged car is being repaired subject to availability.

(You should check the availability yourself with the garage as this service is not provided by Zurich)

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Summary of advantages for Collaborating Garages:

  • Zurich offers more than 900 garages to choose from: Follow the link and choose the one nearest to your home: Collaborating Garages

  • Preferential attention upon arrival and priority repair service.

  • Rapid repair service when an adjuster’s report is not required.

  • Six month guarantee for any repair (extended by three months, the legal obligation, for metal body work and painting)

  • Extra services and Benefits at no additional cost.

  • Pickup and delivery of your vehicle from your choice of location (maximum distance to be confirmed by the garage)

  • Courtesy Car (subject to availability with garage)

  • Discounts on repairs to car faults, body work, painting and maintenance

  • Complimentary services following the repair of your car due to an accident: checking lights, tyres and liquids, cleaning the car... (These services are provided by Zurich collaborating garages during the period of validity of your policy)

Recommended Collaborating Garages:

Out of the 800 collaborating garages, our agency recommends:

South Tenerife

  • Rotex Canarias 2008 SL (Adeje Galeon – near to ITV in Adeje- (German and English spoken)

(Calle Bentinerfe, 5 - 38670 ADEJE - Tel.: 922102617 – 660300645 - Cif.: B38940292 e-mail:  web:  )

Garage Services: Courtesy Car (Check availability with Garage) / Collection and delivery/Car Wash(exterior) and Car vacuum service/ Tyres


  • Teidemoción SL (Las Chafiras)

(Avda. Modesto Hernández González, 48 / 38639 LAS CHAFIRAS Tel.: 922736173 – 657562192 Cif.: B38948766 e-mail: ;  web:  )

Garage Services: Courtesy Car(Check availability with Garage) / Collection and delivery/ Photo Adjuster Inspection/PD/Extended Warranty/ Car Wash(exterior) and Car vacuum service/Discounts for

private repairs/Check Principal Points/Mechanics/Tyres


In La Palma

  • Taller Cutillas SL in Los Llanos

(Calle La Carrilla, 17 38760 LOS LLANOS DE ARIDANE  Tel.: 922460088 Cif.: B38204566 e-mail:  web:  )

Garage Services: Courtesy Car (Check availability with Garage) / Collection and delivery/Car Wash(exterior) and Car vacuum service/ Tyres

  • Taller Yanes in El Paso

(Avenida Venezuela - Polígono Industrial Fátima S/N - Junto a ITV 38750 El Paso - La Palma - S/C Tenerife | Teléfono 922 49 73 52 - Fax: 922 49 72 78 | email:  web: